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My Story

Many high-performance women believe that trauma is something they should just grin and bear. But you can have a brilliant career, a loving personal life, and a sense of freedom for your future. The reason you don't have these qualities now isn't your fault--it's just how trauma works on the brain. 


Trust me--I know. 

I was teaching at Yale University when I had a baby. After nearly dying in childbirth, I plunged into years-long postpartum depression. I looked everywhere for a coach who understand my particular condition:

career woman + devoted mother + PTSD + depression.

But care for women and especially mothers is scant, and trauma-care is often outdated, confusing, and expensive. That's why I devoted myself to researching and then applying the gentlest and most effective method that leads to a PTSD-free life. 


My Practice

My "PTSD Recovery" protocol provides the gentlest and most effective method that leads to a PTSD-free life. It lasts just 12 sessions, with no gory details, prolonged coaching, or endless expense. We start by identifying the trauma-generated beliefs holding you back. Then we dismantle them by working step by step through issues such as Safety, Trust, Control, Intimacy, and Self-Esteem. Most clients see results within one session. 

After completing "PTSD Recovery," clients describe how their stumbling blocks have become non-issues. They celebrate how much control they have over their destiny. Through my program, they develop skills to redirect their own brains from self-sabotage to self-actualization.


I do this work because I get to hear brilliant women say, "thank you for giving me my life back."

My Qualifications

Cornell University

B.A., Literature and Human Rights

Columbia University

Ph.D., English and Comparative Literature

CreativeMind University

Jungian Life Coach Certification

10+ Years Teaching at Yale, Rutgers, and Columbia


12+ Years Coaching and Mentoring

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