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My Story

New motherhood exiled me from the world I knew. I was teaching at Yale when I had my baby, and had assumed that motherhood would be easy compared to "real" work. 


Instead, I found myself traumatized by a near-death experience in childbirth and I plunged into postpartum depression.


I finally received the coaching I needed and decided to change my career to help mothers like me who have faced trauma.

And so I founded the first coaching practice devoted to mothers living with PTSD. Now I offer the support I so desperately needed yet struggled to find.

These days, I live in the Rocky Mountains with my husband and son, and I work with mothers all over the world.

My Qualifications

B.A., Cornell University,

Literature and Human Rights

Ph.D., Columbia University,

English and Comparative Literature

Jungian Life Coach Certification,

Creative Mind University

I bring to bear my background in narrative analysis, my training in evidence-based PTSD protocols, and my own experience as a mother with PTSD to deliver coaching that gives you maximum recovery in minimum sessions, because I know how important it is to meet mothers' unique needs within their limited time.

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