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Overcome your PTSD or Postpartum in just 12 weeks with our evidence-based coaching.

Trauma recovery and postpartum advice can be confusing, outdated, and expensive. They don't have to be.

For those with trauma, I will guide you through the gentlest and most effective method that leads to a PTSD-free life.

Most clients see results within one session.

For new moms with no time, I deliver the support you crave without the scheduling you dread, for a 4th trimester to cherish.

Do you struggle with:

  • Seeing monsters in every shadow

  • Inability to trust yourself or others

  • A need to control everything

  • Low self-esteem


  • Identity crisis as a new mom

  • Exhaustion and burnout

  • Trouble connecting with baby or partner

  • Distress and confusion about work


Lasting relief and a brave new you.
All in just 12 sessions with no gory details, prolonged therapy, or endless expense. 

Think trauma is something women just have to live with? Let’s change that.

With evidence-based coaching and personalized support from Meredith Shepard, Ph.D., we’ll help put PTSD behind you for good.

Who: Women with PTSD

What: 12 Seventy-Five Minute Sessions

Result: Relief from PTSD.

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A 4th trimester you can cherish instead of dread. 24/7 audio-messaging support accessible even at 3am with baby in hand.

Exhausted, confused, and lost in postpartum? With schedule-free support designed for the new mom with no time, we'll put you on the path to the motherhood you actually want with your little one.

Who: Overwhelmed New Mothers

What: 12 Weeks of 24/7 Audio Support

Result: 4th trimester you can cherish.

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Meredith Shepard, Ph.D.

I'm a Certified Coach, mother, PTSD survivor, and former Yale Professor driven to remove barriers to evidence-based trauma treatment.


Many high-achieving women and mothers believe that trauma is something they should just grin and bear. I'm here to change that.


I know what it's like to struggle because of trauma and postpartum stress. I also know how surprisingly easy it is to get better when you have the right treatment.


That's why I'm here: to help you get better--the fast, easy, and effective way.


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Since working with Meredith, I have taken walks alone in the dark, stopped looking for intruders behind every corner, and am about to fly by myself. Each one of these is huge for me — and feels like a curated building block for a broader sense of freedom and a healthier soul. 

Client, Recovered from PTSD, CA

Ready, Set, Consult

We do a free initial session from the comfort of your own home.

No Story Like Yours

We choose the protocol perfect for your story, goals, and lifestyle.

Feel Free

Evidence-based treatment not only relieves PTSD and postpartum stress symptoms, it transforms people for good.

Reach Out Anytime

Dr Shepard is available with support, clarity, and affirmation.

How it Works


Imagine life without trauma or postpartum stress in your way.

Even for high achievers accustomed to things working out, trauma and postpartum can take an exhausting toll. But you don't have to live like that anymore. With evidence-based coaching and personalized support from Dr. Shepard, we’ll help put PTSD or postpartum stress behind you for good.

Do you take insurance? I do not accept insurance. I do have a sliding scale option available. If you are interested, please ask!

I see that you have a Ph.D. Does that mean you're a psychologist? Nope! My Ph.D. is from Columbia University in Literature. My doctoral research specialized in trauma and recovery narratives, a topic I went on to teach at Yale. I use that training as a coach to expertly analyze your narrative, but I am not a psychologist.

I see that you're based in Colorado. Can I work with you from across the country or world? Yes! One of the advantages of coaching is that I am not limited to where I can provide services. I work primarily online with clients from all over the world. I use Google Meet for live sessions and Signal for the Postpartum Support via audio messaging.

Do you work with people from backgrounds different than your own? Absolutely! I may look like your classic white cisgender American woman, but I grew up with a Transgender brother and our adopted cousins, I married an African immigrant, and I am raising a Black son. I speak four languages, two of them indigenous African, and I have worked or studied extensively in Africa, Asia, the UK, and Europe. When it comes to cross cultural and/or cross racial interaction, I assume that I can assume nothing; I begin with listening; and I stay up to date with evidence-backed conversations and research on issues affecting historically underserved groups. I see myself as an ally, but more so, as a family and friend.

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